Are You Serious?! is an English-language improv group formed in May 2007 and led for its first few months by San Francisco native Jeff Scattini. Meeting once a week, the group has worked hard to familiarize itself with some of the best-known improv games, developing a strong chemistry along the way.

Are You Serious?! performed publicly for the first time in September at the English-Speaking Club of Bern. The group presented a dozen different games, with the content for each being provided by members of audience. Happily, the show was a success: no potatoes were thrown, and the group has been invited back to perform at the club again and again.

If you're interested at trying your hand and head at improv yourself, usually rehearsals are open to all on the first Friday of each month, and you are encouraged to drop by. Due to scheduling conflicts there are currently no official open rehearsals. However, if you'd like to give improv a go, send an email to the address below and we'll work out a date.

Currently the group consists of the following players: Branko, Cindy-Jane, Ian, Kathrin, Mark, Pati and Robyne.

For bookings and more information about open rehearsals, please contact .

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